The apartment has a fan-shaped layout, high ceilings and abundant light coming from high windows on the angled perimeter that give a surprising depth to it´s spaces. A layout that radially distributes from the entrance hall, concentrates social areas in the immediate circle and private rooms on the outer angles. A key part of this renovation went into recovering original wood workings (ceilings, beams, floor, doors and windows) that belong to a pioneering anti-seismic wood frame system. Restating the original condition proved a challenge since previous interventions had arbitrarily altered unique aspects of it´s architecture. The choice of materials considered the historical context, and in cases such as the kitchen and bathroom tiles, the pattern and color were produced with the manufacturer specifically for this renovation.
Project: Residential, House
Type: Refurbishment, Commission
Client: Private
Size: 135 m2
Team: JPBA
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Status: Built